6 Tips For Cutting The Costs of Your Solo Travels


Guest Post by Michal Laszuk:  6 Tips For Cutting The Costs of Your Solo Travels

With the prices continuing to climb and the world economy facing headwinds, prices are going up like there’s no tomorrow. Inflation makes it harder and harder to finance your dream solo trips and get to the destinations you’ve had your eye on for the longest time.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to cut down the costs of your solo trip, and one thing we can take a look at to get some inspiration is the study conducted by Passport Photo Online about the effects inflation has had on tourism in 2022.

We can look at the numbers behind the Americans’ struggles with holidays this summer,  find out how they solved the problem, and get some solo travel tips of our own.


1.    Consider using a car instead of flying a plane

One of the statistics you should be looking at is the one saying that a whopping 85% of Americans will search for alternative means of transportation this summer. Considering the prices of air tickets we see nowadays, the best thing would be to follow suit. Save money by going by car, either using your own or a rental, as it might be way less expensive than paying for airplane tickets. Of course, solo travelers need to keep in mind the prices of gas, but if you know how to drive economically, you’ll be able to save quite a lot. If you decide on using a car and wish to save on gas, plan your trip accordingly so you can keep the driving speed steady, avoid sudden breaks and, if possible, avoid big cities.

2.    Keep an eye on special deals and sales when flying

If you’re looking to fly a plane to your dream destination, you should be on the lookout for cheap flights at least two months before departure. That way, you will be able to secure affordable flights way ahead of time and save yourself quite a lot of stress and, of course, money. As a side note, to catch the best deals, look to buy tickets in the middle of the week. Wednesdays and Thursdays are the days when airlines release special deals for cheap flights. That knowledge alone might save you around $50 on a ticket. Pretty sweet deal, right?

3.    Travel shorter distances

You can save money by choosing destinations that aren’t far away and can be accessed quickly and conveniently. According to the study, it is the most popular way of cutting down on vacation costs. If you compare the fee required for an airplane ticket or money required for gas for longer trips with a single train ticket, you’ll soon find out the difference is staggering. Traveling shorter distances can also help you find out how much your immediate area has to offer, and maybe you’ll have a chance to visit places in your state you haven’t previously visited. After all, you don’t need to travel far and wide to have a good time, regardless if you’re a solo traveler or have companions.

4.    Adjust budget for dining

If you want to cut down further on the travel budget, solo travelers can save money by spending less on dining. Of course, it doesn’t mean you ought to count every dollar you spend on lunch, but you must be more conscious of the places you eat at. Go ahead and look at recommendations on the internet and seek out underrated restaurants or bars and try your luck there. Your solo travel budget will be in good shape thanks to choosing less expensive restaurants or buying food and preparing meals yourself.

Moreover, if you’re at the stage of booking a stay at a hotel, search for the ones that offer free breakfast.

Last but not least, how about opting for trying out street food, especially if you have a chance to experience a completely different culinary culture. Street food will cost you considerably less than dining at a restaurant, but the quality of food can surprise you. I would especially recommend that approach if you’re set on visiting Asian countries.

5.    Book trips with travel companies specializing in solo travel

There’s no shortage of companies that help organize amazing holidays for solo travelers. Become a member of a solo travel group, and get a chance to meet new, exciting people while also reaping the benefits of organized holidays. Such groups are easy to find, as you can locate them on almost every social networking website or an online forum. Thanks to them, solo travelers will get access to sightseeing attractions they otherwise wouldn’t be able to visit on their own and might even get a free walking tour or two, all for a lower price. Even if you don’t have the freedom you’d otherwise have on a vacation you yourself have planned, you might even be able to get more out of them.

6.    Save money on accommodation

Accommodation is usually the biggest or second biggest threat to your solo travel budget, but luck is on your side this time. There are plenty of ways to reduce accommodation costs and save money by being a bit more creative. Instead of booking rooms in luxury hotels, turn your attention to the internet and search for places offering a single traveler a place to stay. You’ll be surprised how many people will rent a room for a single traveler for the duration of their vacation.

While you’re at it, dig deep and you may be able to find great deals for small rooms in hotels for a solo traveler. Moreover, you can also consider hostels where you’ll share a room with other people or even go camping. The last option is by far the cheapest, as you will not have to pay for any rooms or deal with tour companies. Join the 56% of Americans who, according to the study, felt choosing more affordable accommodations was a great way to cut down on costs.

The good news is that there certainly are plenty of ways to turn your vacations affordable and easy on your wallet. You can save some money as a solo traveler while still having a great time by choosing different means of transportation, traveling shorter distances, or being more strategic with your budget. Combine all the tips we mentioned, and you’ll enjoy an amazing vacation that won’t strain your finances.

  • Michal Laszuk is a self-proclaimed book and movie critic and a Content Writer at PhotoAiD. He’s huge travel nut ever since being allowed to travel again after the lockdown, eager to visit the most underrated and unique destinations. His passion for writing and natural graphomania go hand in hand in his line of work.