7 Tips for a Cheap and Fun Family Vacation

A great vacation doesn’t have to go abroad. Vacation locations in Indonesia are very wide and there are so many beautiful places here which will certainly make your vacation more economical, fun, and certainly closer to your family. So, for those of you who want a frugal and fun vacation, let’s read the following tips.

Do a vacation location survey

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What are yacht clubs

Yacht clubs might seem daunting, but that does not have to be the case. A yacht club’s mission is to honor boaters and the sports of yacht racing, cruising, and sailing. You can check this page here.

What exactly is a yacht club?

A yacht club is a boater’s social membership sports club. Yacht clubs are usually found near lakes or the sea, and its… Read more

Benefits of Joint Vacations for Company Employees

Holiday activities together certainly have its own essence. Every job has its own challenges and burdens.
If employees continue to do work without a break, they will definitely feel bored and the employee’s performance appraisal will decrease.

Actually, the company has provided one of the options for solving this problem, namely employee leave.… Read more

Want to Take the Children Back on Vacation? Check out these tips!

In recent times, children have been allowed to return to their activities as the implementation of the new normal life.

You can enjoy the joy of playing outside with your beloved child again. By still prioritizing prokes, taking children to travel can have a positive impact on the child’s mental health. Children’s mental health is important and… Read more

4 Best Time to Visit the Island of the Gods

Every island in Indonesia has a beauty that will never bore you. Even if you’ve been to Bali, there are still many reasons to return to this exotic island. Before visiting again, know when is the best time to visit bali.

The best time to travel to Bali is one of the factors that will greatly affect your holiday on the Island of the Gods. If you visit at the wrong… Read more