4 Best Time to Visit the Island of the Gods

Every island in Indonesia has a beauty that will never bore you. Even if you’ve been to Bali, there are still many reasons to return to this exotic island. Before visiting again, know when is the best time to visit bali.

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4 Best Temple Sites in Indonesia

Indonesia is famously rich in historical heritage. In Indonesia, there are so many temples that have their own history. So, many foreign tourists want to visit Indonesia temples.

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Holidays are approaching But work piled up? Here’s What You Should Do

Almost everyone loves holidays. Holidays do bring joy and pleasure to many people. Including you too, right? even though preparing for a vacation makes it difficult for you to book tickets, arrange an itinerary, prepare suitcases, or shop for necessities during the trip. But all of that doesn’t feel heavy because you imagine the fun that will be had during… Read more

6 Interesting and Recommended Bandung Tourist Attractions!

bandung must go has become one of the top most searched keywords when people are planning to visit Indonesia. Bandung has a variety of exciting tourist destinations to visit, ranging from nature tourism, historical tourism, and educational tourism to culinary tourism.

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Best Travel Experience to Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne, a city that is not foreign. It is one of Australia’s most renowned and popular cities, boasting an exciting mix of educational institutions, City living and outdoor lifestyle, that has made it popular with Australians and internationals alike.

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