If you don’t have time to take a long vacation and you have decided to treat yourself to a special day, we recommend you visit one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. We are talking about Lake Orta. What can you see in this beautiful place? Let’s find out together. Travelling trough italian lakes, you discovery beautiful location.

Lake Orta - Well Worth a Visit - Italy Chronicles


 Omegna is the first destination of your Sunday on Lake Orta. Main center of Cusio, it stands at the northern end, on the slopes of Mottarone. For the uninitiated OMEGNA is famous for being the birthplace of Alfonso Bialetti, well-known entrepreneur founder of the industry of the same name, and Gianni Rodari, journalist, writer and poet. Since you are on site, take a look at the late Romanesque church of Sant’Ambrogio, with the tall bell tower with mullioned windows, mullioned windows and mullioned windows, the 15th-century two-arched ancient bridge, and the Roman gate, dating back to 1100, the only one of the five entrances to the city in medieval times. From here you can then go to Nonio, reached by going along the provincial road that slowly climbs along the waters and offering exciting panoramas.

 Land of serpentine quarries, a green-gray colored mineral, it is the “town of two sunsets”, in fact, on some days of the year, the sun, after disappearing behind Monte Castello, reappears for a few minutes, then sets definitely. Beautiful its alleys and the parish church dedicated to San Biagio Martire. From here you can also go to the village of Pella, which borders the granite wall that supports the sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso. It is in these parts that you will find the breathtaking view of the island of San Giulio, the most beautiful in the area. This time with the background, on the other side, the village of Orta dominated by its Sacro Monte.


You cannot leave Lake Orta without visiting Cesara, a mountain village located on the heights of the western shore of the lake, where you can see the beautiful Romanesque church of San Clemente with its elegant sixteenth-century porch, with late fifteenth-century frescoes and an appreciable bell tower with mullioned, mullioned and mullioned windows. From here, the stop at the sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso, which is located on the tip of a granite rock overlooking Lake Orta, is a must.

 Called the Cusio balcony, it offers a spectacular view over the entire basin from the square in front of the church. Those who come there for the first time are enchanted by the sight and location of the Baroque church with its beautiful dome frescoed by the Valsesian painter and sculptor Lorenzo Peracino and by the beautiful painting depicting the “Deposition of Christ” by Fermo Stella da Caravaggio, a disciple of Gaudenzio Ferrari.

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