6 Interesting and Recommended Bandung Tourist Attractions!

bandung must go has become one of the top most searched keywords when people are planning to visit Indonesia. Bandung has a variety of exciting tourist destinations to visit, ranging from nature tourism, historical tourism, and educational tourism to culinary tourism.

The natural beauty of tourist attractions in Bandung is also supported by the cool and refreshing air making it suitable for relaxing. Here is a full review to find recommendations for exciting tourist attractions in Bandung.

Recommended Tourist Attractions to Visit in Bandung

Bandung does have a variety of exciting tourist destinations to visit. In addition, culinary in this City of Flowers is famous for its delicious taste at an affordable price, so it is recommended to try it. Here are some interesting tourist attractions in Bandung.

1. Cai Ranca Upas Village

One of the exciting tourist destinations you must visit while on vacation in Bandung is Cai Ranca Upas Village. This tourist attraction offers a beautiful natural panorama and deer breeding.

2. Kawah Putih / White Crater

Ciwidey White Crater is also a favourite tourist destination in Bandung. Its location in a mountainous area makes this crater a favourite photo spot for tourists that offers beautiful and unique natural panoramas.

3. Jendela Alam

The following recommendation for exciting tourist attractions in Bandung is Jendela Alam. This tourist attraction that carries the concept of education is highly recommended to be visited with family, especially children.

Here, children can learn about nature, such as gardening, feeding ponies, and getting to know various medicinal and hydroponic plants and reptiles. In this tourist attraction, tourists can also experience fishing, pick tomatoes, and harvest eggs.

4. Saung Angklung Udjo

The next tourist attraction in Bandung that is interesting to visit while on vacation is Saung Angklung Udjo. This cultural and performing arts tourism destination presents the art of angklung music and its history.

Almost like wayang kulit puppet museum, this attraction is also recommended to be visited with family, especially children. Not only watching angklung performances, tourists can also learn to make angklung.

5. Gedung Sate

Gedung Sate is indeed known as an icon of the city of Bandung. As the name implies, the building, which was built in the Dutch colonial era, has decorations on the roof and is still used for the office of the Governor of West Java.

Not only displaying decorations, six ornaments that resemble skewers of over 6 million guldens. Because it is open to the public, this building is crowded with tourists for sightseeing and photo hunting almost all the time.

6. Braga

Travelling around natural attractions and educational tours is not complete if you haven’t visited Braga. As an icon of the city of Bandung, Braga is a must-visit while on vacation in Bandung. In this tourist area, tourists will be presented with various restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.

The recommendations for Bandung tourist attractions above can be your references. Bandung is perfect for unwinding from busy activities with its cool air and beautiful natural scenery.

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