Here’s All About The Sunfish Sailboat: Detailed Review

In the sailing world, the Sunfish sailboat is fondly referred to as the ‘most popular sailboat of all time’. There is merit in this statement. After all, in over 50 years of its existence and with over 300,000 units sold till date, the Sunfish sailboat is still as popular as ever. While some may attribute this to its reasonable prices and value-for-money, others find its portability and easy-breezy setup as its best feature. Easy to rig and simple to sail, it is a smash-hit with beginners while being equally popular seasoned sailors. If you, too, are considering buying a Sunfish sailboat, then here ia handy review to help you make your decision. For the purpose of this review we have considered the latest model, the Sunfish sailboat 2022.

About the Sunfish Sailboat

The Sunfish sailboat 2022 is a daysailer. For the uninitiated, a daysailer is a small-medium sized sailboat (larger than a dinghy) with no cabin or sleeping area. Their light weight and narrow body makes them easy to maneuver. The Sunfish sailboat 2022 is quite portable, convenient to stow away, and can be easily moved around using a trailer tug. 

One of the key reasons of the Sunfish sailboat’s success is the robust build of the hull and the low lateen sail type which keeps the boat more stable even in heavy gusts of winds with minimal chance of capsizing.

Sunfish Sailboat Specifications

Here are some details regarding the boat’s dimensions and other vital specifications:

Length13 feet 9 inches to 14 feet
Hull Weight~ 54 kgs
TypeMonohull, but also available a limited edition multi-hull
Beam4 feet 1 inch
Sail Area75 square feet
Board TypeDaggerboard; standard 6-8 inches, but can be adjusted to 35 inches
Rig TypeLateen sail

Points in Favor 

  • Easy to rig and sail: If you’ve just started sailing, then the Sunfish is the ideal sailboat to practice your skills on. It is, possibly, the ideal beginner’s boat due to its lightweight and ease of rigging. However, the versatility of the Sunfish sailboat is that it is equally favored by experienced sailors. Being a single-handed boat, it requires very less manual effort in operating, navigating, as well as heaving-to, as compared to some of the larger and bulkier models. 
  • Highly portable: Sailing is a pleasurable activity, but can be an expensive one. The costs of stowing your boat, paying for a harbor or marina, etc. can take their toll. The Sailfish sailboat is light and highly portable. It can be easily towed by a pick-up truck or even an SUV with a trailer gear. This, also, allows you access to more sailing-friendly waters and lets you explore uncharted territories for newer memories.
  • Low cost of purchase and maintenance: Speaking of costs, boats can cost a pretty-penny. Not the Sailfish though. With its minimalistic design, the sailboat is one of the most affordable models out there. Moreover, its service and replacement parts are easily available all across the United States at affordable prices.
  • Longevity and durability: Although it is light in weight and quite portable, it is not flimsy by any standards. The boat is highly stable and quite sturdy. The fiberglass build is able to withstand heavy and rough usage and it is not uncommon to see Sailfish sailboats last 2-3 decades while still retaining their shape and operability.

In Summation

Easily stowed and conveniently operated, the Sunfish sailboat 2022, like its predecessors, is the ideal companion to take solo trips across the water and get in touch with yourself and the nature around you. While it is more of a peaceful, cruising kind of a sailboat, with the right wind it can get quite zippy as well and give you the thrill of speed and adventure. 

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