What’s on Natuna Island?

The government designated Natuna as a National Earth Park, because the area has an invaluable geological and landscape heritage site.

How not, the composition of large rocks there are known to be hundreds of millions of years ago. And it stretches from the north end to the south end of Bunguran Island, Senua Island, Akar Island and Setanau Island.

The tour guide from the local Tourism Office, Zuki Mardi said the Natuna Geopark theme was based on the process of forming the Natuna Islands.

This is related to the regional tectonic process “Double Arc System” or two collision zones between continental crust and oceanic crust.

There are eight locations on the five islands that are designated as Earth Parks or geoparks

namely Tanjung Senubing, Batu Alif Park, Cave and Bamak Beach, Tanjung Datuk, Batu Kasah, Akar Island, Setanau Island and Ranai Mountain. Each Geopark location has its own uniqueness and beauty, which can amaze every corner of the eye.

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Tanjung Senubing

Not enough time a day to explore the entire Natuna Earth Park site, because of its location which is spread west of the island cluster. The location which is relatively closest to the city center, and must be visited by tourists who come to Natuna is Tanjung Senubing. The area known as Batu Sindu is only about 4 Km from Ranai City Center, at the foot of Mount Ranai, Bunguran Timur District.

To achieve this, travelers must first climb the hill from the edge of the big road. And this can still use four-wheeled vehicles and two and then go down the foot of the mountain. There is no adequate tourist gate there, only open paths among tall trees.

And once the traveler enters the path, treats unparalleled beautiful views, in every corner, there are many large stones with their respective shapes and uniqueness. The stone is big. The biggest, maybe the height can reach more than 5 meters, and engraved strokes that are not the same between one another.

According to notes, the rocks in the complex form a unique morphology, known as “tor” granite.

In one stone, there are gradations of white, gray, black, to brownish red. Some of them are overgrown with grass, with green trees and red flowers around them, creating an incomparable view.

The shape also varies, there are like a gentle turtle shell, shark head, starfruit, inverted boat and various other kinds. Views like this will spoil travelers, from the tip of the hill, to the bottom. And from here too, travelers can see the white sandy Senua Island, which is also part of the Natuna Geopark.

Actually, from the top of the hill travelers can enjoy the beauty of nature. For travelers who are not strong down the hill, just being above is enough.

But, for the strong, then every corner of the journey to the bottom, presenting extraordinary views. It feels, in each breath, lips want to give thanks to God who created nature with all its beauty.

There, there is no place to sit to enjoy the panorama. However, travelers do not need to worry, there are many large stones with a flat surface, which can be used as a place to stand, sit, and even stretch.

And flat stones like this face the Tanjung Senubing landscape. Not just one, but there are on several corners of the road leading down. Like the stands on a soccer field. Certainly not like the true stands, because among the stones there are trees, grass and weeds.

The road along Tanjung Senubing to reach the peninsula is relatively slippery, although it has not been built yet. The path is only paths, soil, rocks and weeds that have collapsed because they are often trampled.

However, travel are still not recommended to wear flip-flops, or even high shoes. Choose footwear that doesn’t feel slippery. And after the traveler is below, clear sea water on the peninsula will be a complement to the trip.

Unfortunately, the coral fish there are dead. In fact, actually, if the corals were still alive, their beauty could be enjoyed from the surface of the water, because it was very tiring.

According to Zuki, people used to take shortcuts to take fish on the peninsula. They poison the waters with poison, so that the fish get dizzy and more easily caught. Unfortunately, the poison does not only make fish keliyengan, but coral reefs also die.

But now, the awareness of the Natuna community is very high, they are the most anti using fishing gear that can damage the environment. Especially in the Tanjung Senubing area has become one of the Earth Parks in Natuna.

As a geopark, the government will develop the region in a sustainable manner, by combining three diversity, namely geology, life and culture.

Of course, in its development, the government will be based on aspects of conservation, education, community empowerment and growth of local economic value through geotourism.