Travel Guide to Visit Sentosa Island, Singapore: Discover Tourist Attractions For Free!

Vacationing to Sentosa Island, Singapore is the right choice, you can visit very popular tourist attractions such as Resort World Sentosa and Universal Studios. Not only are so many tourist attractions, but finding accommodation is also very easy. There are many Sentosa hotel that you can choose from through the Traveloka App, for example Hotel Michael.

There are several things that you need to pay attention to when visiting Sentosa Island, ranging from what free and interesting tourist attractions are, to how to transport to this place. For sure, Sentosa Island is a very tourist-friendly place, so you will feel very comfortable.

  1. One Day Is Not Enough to Explore Sentosa Island

You can do many things on Sentosa Island, Singapore. If it’s possible that you rarely go on vacation, don’t just set aside one day to explore Sentosa Island, because one day is not enough.

If it is calculated, there are about 31 tourist attractions in total on this island. Some are free and some are paid, but not expensive. Therefore, book the most suitable accommodation for you via the Traveloka App to get all the conveniences.

  1. Tourist Attraction for Free on Sentosa Island

This crowded place still provides many tourist attractions for free. So, for those of you who are on a budget, you can still have fun exploring Sentosa Island. You can divert your vacation funds for food or hotel costs.

The following are some fun activities on Sentosa Island that don’t cost money: taking pictures in front of the Sentosa Merlion, visiting Siloso Beach and other beaches on Sentosa Island, walking on the Nature walk while enjoying the jungle atmosphere, and watching the Crande Dance at the Waterfront.

  1. How to Get Around Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is quite wide, if you go around on foot, you will definitely be tired. Very lucky, because this island has provided a free shuttle bus for tourists who want to get around Sentosa Island. You just need to find a bus stop and see the route, there are three different bus routes on Sentosa Island: green, red, and orange.

Not only a shuttle bus, but there is also the Sentosa Express, which is also free for the Sentosa Island area only. However, if you use it to go out of the island, an additional fee will be charged. Another fun way to explore Sentosa Island is by taking the cable car, you will pass the Merlion, Imbiah Lookout, and Siloso Point. Unfortunately, to use the cable car, you have to pay.

Tips if You Visiting Sentosa Island

As the safest place in the world, Sentosa Island will always be full of tourists. There are some tips that visitors often forget so that they feel uncomfortable on Sentosa Island.

·   Entrance to Sentosa Island is enough to walk or take a bus, if you use a taxi or private vehicle, an additional fee will be charged.

·   Get a Sentosa FUN ticket that can be used for many tourist attractions on Sentosa Island.

·   Don’t forget to prepare a map so that the experience of exploring Sentosa Island is easier, you can ask for a map at the hotel where you are staying or search on the internet.

·   Choose clothes that are comfortable and absorb sweat because the Sentosa Island is very hot in the scorching sun.

·   No one knows what will happen on Sentosa Island, it might rain suddenly, so prepare an umbrella too.

So, here’s information if you are going to visit Sentosa Island. Don’t forget to pay attention to some of the tips shared above.

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