4 Best Temple Sites in Indonesia

Indonesia is famously rich in historical heritage. In Indonesia, there are so many temples that have their own history. So, many foreign tourists want to visit Indonesia temples.

There are many Hindu and Buddhist temples in every area of ​​Indonesia. Because these temples are the historical relics of various kingdoms in ancient times. To get to know some of the temples in Indonesia, here we provide the information!

4 Best Temple Sites in Indonesia

Prambanan Temple and Borobudur Temple are the two most famous temples in Indonesia. However, there are still several other temples that are no less interesting to visit, and here are the four temples in Indonesia with their respective attractions, such:

1. Dieng Temple

Dieng Temple is estimated to have undergone construction in two stages: the middle of the 7th to early 8th century and followed at the end of the 8th century until around 780 AD. Estimated 400 temples were built in the complex, but now only 8 remain. 

2. Brahu Temple

The Brahu Temple is located in the East Java area, so it will be hard to enjoy Jakarta tourism on the same day due to its long distance between two provinces. 

The shape of the Brahu Temple is unique and still has a Buddhist pattern. Many people estimate that this temple is one of the historical relics of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom. Experts said this temple was founded by Empu Sendok.

3. Muara Takus Temple

Tourists who’d like to have their vacation in Riau but are bored with the same tourist destinations should try to visit Muara Takus Temple. There will be various fascinating histories.

This temple building has a unique shape because it was built using sandstone, river stone, and bricks. This temple is very old and some people even think Muara Takus Temple is the oldest Buddhist temple in Sumatra.

 4. Sewu Temple

The location itself is pretty close to Prambanan Temple, so after visiting Prambanan Temple, tourists can stop by for a moment to Sewu Temple.

Sewu Temple was built in the 8th century and has a Buddhist pattern. Sewu Temple Complex is the second largest Buddhist temple complex after the Borobudur Temple.

Vacationing to temple tourist destinations is quite fun. Moreover, this tourist destination also has a variety of history that can educate its visitors. So, it never hurts to take an occasional vacation to one of the temples above.

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