The ultimate pre-college trip in Goa!

Who says Goa is only good for groups of friends and honeymooners? The sunshine state has lots to offer if you want to create lifelong memories with your child.

The land of beaches, sumptuous seafoodand all-night partying – Goa is a veritable paradise for those looking to unwind in a fun, laidback surroundings. Beautiful, friendly and with an easy-going vibe, Goa makes for the perfect backdrop when you’re looking for a restful holiday with lots to eat and explore.

In fact, Goa offers the best antidote for stress. Once college begins, your child will be busy with new friends, attending classes, experiencing the fun of college fests, and so on. It’s a heady life and they may not have too much time to spend with you. So if you want to get the edge off their stress (and yours) before the entire admissions hoopla begins, just book a Delhi to Goa flight and have the most memorable trip ever.

Delhi to Goa flights fill up early, and mostly by honeymooners. Get your tickets sorted soon and check out these activities:

* Visit the night market at Arpora or the day market at Baga Beach: It’s always fun to shop, and the flea markets at Arpora and Baga are worth a visit. Park your vehicle in the designated parking space and explore the markets on foot. There is lots to browse and buy, right from locally produced tea powders to imported tees and from shoes to handbags and carpets. There are some stalls that provide variety entertainment, while others do brisk business selling trinkets, juice and snacks. Be sure to bargain for everything.

* Dine at a stunning seafront restaurant: Goa outdoes itself in terms of dining out optionsand you will find most of the world’s cuisines being sold here. But there are some waterfront restaurants like Pousada By The Beach and Thalassa, which offer stunning sea views and superb food and drinks which you shouldn’t miss. Goa also has a lot of vegan and vegetarian restaurants dotting the city areas.

* Go seabed walking. This is one of the best activities to encourage parent-child bonding, because you can do it together in complete silence and trust each other all the way. Just get a wet suit and underwater breathing gear on, and walk on the sea bed to spot underwater plants, exotic fish and coral over 10 feet below sea level. You can book yourselves a slot at Baina Beach in Vasco for thisthrilling activity.

* Catch live music at Jardim Garcia Park. You and your kid will love to sing along or dance to the live music presented every Sunday evening at the Jardim Garcia da Orta Park. The park is dedicated to Dr da Orta, the famous botanist and scientist, but it becomes a site for merriment and music once a week.

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